How does a web agency work?

The process of creating a website is the same regardless of the web agency. It is summarized in four main steps:

  1. The discovery of the project

    The entire project can be defined in a specification. The client, his activity, the objectives of the website, budget, etc, are duly considered during this stage.

  2. The research phase

    During this important phase, there is a compromise between the technical restrictions, the requirements defined in the specifications and the content.

  3. The creation and development phase

    A schedule is drawn up with the launch date as the date, the first stage of creation is the conception of the models in the case of a site with an exclusive design.

  4. Putting online

    After the designing stages, what is left to do is launch. After this, the SEO, Web marketing, directory registration and positioning tracking are then sorted out.

Why use a web agency?

Today, there are simplified authoring solutions. This creative principle can be adapted for people with computer skills, image editing and a good web culture. For all others, it is best to entrust the creation of your site to professionals to achieve a result at the height of his expectations.

Going through an agency such as Birmingham web design will allow you to have advice on the features, ergonomics, designand SEO of your website. Birmingham web design will take care of your site in its entirety and will even be able to offer you other web creation services or the creation of your logo.

This will also allow you to have a single contact and your project will advance faster.

Applying to a web agency is the assurance of obtaining a qualitative result that meets your requirements, while respecting a jointly approved schedule.